SEO: Search Engine Optimization


  • 1 Month SEO Optimization*
  • 20 Keywords Researched
  • 10 Keywords Finalized and Optimized
  • Site Pages Optimized
  • SEO friendly Navigation Optimization

*Price is per month. Order quantity 3 to 6 (months) to see results

How it Works

Finding a service, placing an order and paying for it is easy. Here’s how it works, step-by-step.


Knowing what needs to be fixed and optimized on your website is one thing. Understanding what search engines consider relevant and then optimizing your website to satisfy search algorithms is another entirely different thing.

Let us handle the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your site. You concentrate on handling the leads or sales we generate. There is nothing more valuable than to increase organic website traffic for free, naturally.

Unearth valuable keywords that you can compete. Spy on your competitors and find their weaknesses. Outperform them. Create relevant and valuable content. Provide an awesome user experience. Make your site future-proof and provide stability. Build a long-term traffic generating machine.

Search Engine Optimization: Key Features

  • 1 Month SEO Optimization (recommend 3 – 6 months)
  • 20 Keywords Researched
  • 10 Keywords Finalized and Optimized
  • Site Pages Optimized
  • SEO friendly Navigation Optimization
  • HTML and Meta-content optimization
  • Image and link optimization
  • txt optimization
  • HTML sitemap creation
  • XML Sitemap generation and submission to Google
  • Google Analytics setup and review
  • Top page rankings in Google for keywords – min 5

SEO Lasts Longer

Although it takes longer to rank organically compared to paid ads and social media; the effects last longer. Not only do pay per click ads cost more, your traffic dries up the instant you stop your campaign. Unlike the pay-to-play games of Pay per click (PPC) and Social Media, this does not happen with SEO. Even if you stop SEO for a month or two, your traffic will continue to flow.

SEO Costs Less Long Term

Nothing beats free traffic. This is exactly what you get with SEO. A small team creating awesome content on a regular basis can create content that’s valued multiple times their cost compared to ppc traffic.

Pull in Quality Traffic

Advertising attempts to ‘push’ your product in people’s faces when they are not actively looking for it. SEO on the other hand ‘pulls’ people to your site. That because visitors are searching for a solution that you offer. SEO traffic will be more receptive to your products and services.

Increase Your Credibility

Many people skip ads and click on the organic results. Visitors perceive higher ranked, non-paid results as having higher credibility and view them more favorably. Having strong social and trust signals further enhances your online reputation.

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