Facebook Advertising Management


  • 1 Month FB Ads Management
  • ads / Video creation for advertising (30 Days)
  • Business Research & Website Review
  • Strategy, goals
  • Audiences Research and Targeting

Note: Does not include ad budget

How it Works

Finding a service, placing an order and paying for it is easy. Here’s how it works, step-by-step.


Facebook advertising allows you to reach a massive audience fast. It’s cost effective and allows precise targeting. Create awareness and engage users using FB. A social media platforms that’ll provide most impact.

With Facebook, you have the power to slice, dice and micro-target your audience. Be it by age, income, location, interests, behaviors even your competitors’ followers. You can create ads with the objective of getting more impressions, engagement, clicks ore even leads.

Facebook is easy to start. That said, it can turn out to be slightly intimidating as well. All kinds of options, settings, tools and reports can be overwhelming. You’ll need a lot of time, resources, energy and patience to not only get to know how things work, but also keep up with the constant changes.

We can help. Check out our monthly Facebook ad management package. We will research your business and review your website. Then, come up with a strategy and setup goals. We will configure your FB pixel. Create and manage your text and video ads. And, do other cool stuff. All you have to do sit back, relax and wait for the results to pour in.

Facebook Advertising: Key Features

  • 1 Month FB Ads Management
  • ads / Video creation for advertising (30 Days)
  • Business Research & Website Review
  • Strategy, goals
  • FB Pixel
  • Audiences Research and Targeting
  • Audiences and Targeting Setup
  • Ads Testing /optimization for 30 days
  • Final Report

Massive  Audience

With over 2.5 billion monthly active users (MAU), and over 1.6 billion daily active users (DAU) Facebook is just too large a platform to ignore for your Digital Marketing strategy.

Highly Effective

Digital ad spending now account for more than 51% of total ad spend in the US. Facebook is considered one of the top Digital Advertising channels. Facebook ad revenue has been increasing at a steady rate over the last few years. That’s because FB ads work. A Kleiner Perkins survey found that over 78% of American consumers found products or services on Facebook.

Anyone Can Do It

The knowledge, skill and budget to start and run basic Facebook ads is quite low. Almost anyone can do it. That’s why you can see FB ads from soloprenuers and small businesses alongside that of mega multinational companies. You can boost your post with a couple of clicks. With a little time and effort, you can even setup complex ads following the Facebook setup guide.

Precise Targeting

Facebook provides loads of detailed ways to fine tune and target your audience in the most granular level. Precise targeting reduces waste and helps you get a better ROI. Create ‘lookalike audiences’ so you can target people that are similar to your top customers. You can also use retargeting, so your ad will follow your prospect across different channels.


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