SEO Audit Report


  • 5 Days Delivery
  • Keyword Report
  • SEO Comparison
  • On-page website audit
  • Backlink profile

How it Works

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You have a fantastic website. But, are you having trouble getting people to visit your site? Do an SEO Audit. SEO plays a big part in your Digital Marketing Strategy.

With an SEO audit, you’ll get to know how your website performs on Search Engines. Find out what words people are using to search for your product or services. Discover who links to you. If the incoming links benefit or harm you. Locate errors and security vulnerabilities. Find out how fast the site loads and how it looks on different devices. See how you stack up against your competitors.

Follow the recommendations in our SEO Audit Report and action plan. Optimize your website. Provide a smoother user experience. Achieve higher Search engine rankings. Increase your website traffic. Order our SEO Audit Report today.

SEO Audit Report: Key Features

  • 5 Days Delivery
  • Keyword Report
  • SEO Comparison
  • your website’s keyword rankings in Google
  • Backlink profile
  • On-page website audit
  • Top 100 ranking keywords from competitor

Keyword Research

Examine how your present keywords are faring. See if you are targeting the right keywords. Look for ones that are under-performing. Check if you are cannibalizing your own key phrases. Look for ‘quick wins. Identify low hanging fruit. Discover long tail keywords.

Link Profile

Get an overview of your backlink profile. See how many domains and links your site receives. Find out the quality of your links. Note the link velocity. Check link diversity.

Technical Audit

Find out if your website is mobile, tablet and desktop friendly. Is your site secure? How fast does it load? Are there any broken links? Is the site easy to index? Is there duplicate content? Thin content?

On Page Audit

Provide a snapshot of Page Titles and Meta Descriptions. Get a Content analysis. Check Header tags. Find if image alt tags are in order.


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