Need Digital Marketing to Scale Traffic?

Digital Marketing is the most powerful way to promote your business to a larger audience.
We can help accelerate your traffic.

Why Digital Marketing?

The internet allows you to achieve exponential growth with a global reach. Engage your audience without limitations.

Your brand needs Digital Marketing to be competitive in the contemporary business environment!

Why you need Digital Marketing for your business
Analytics and KPIs for Digital Marketing

Get Measurable Data

Traditional broadcast media lack the wealth of data and insights generated by Digital Marketing,

Digital marketing provides detailed information that you can use to your advantage. The more you know about your customers, the easier it is for you to create targeted strategies.

Get More for Less

Traditional media is very expensive. You could find yourself spending much more than you get in return. Digital marketing provides a cost-effective solution. Even small businesses with a limited budget can engage in Digital Marketing.

SEO and Digital Marketing costs lesser than traditional advertising

Perform Optimal Targeting

You can use Digital Marketing to target any part of the sales funnel. Increase traffic, leads or sales. Digital Marketing allows granular level inventory and user targeting.  Engage an audience that is more likely to buy your products and services

Connect Via Social Media

Social media has revolutionized how people interact with each other. Yours business can take advantage of this phenomenon. Create the perfect synergy between your website and your brand’s social media pages. Then engage your visitors using the same platform they hang out on.  

Digital marketing Social Media Management

Our Digital Marketing Services

You want a business that can achieve long-term growth and stability. SEO is the best way to make that happen. Nothing beats free organic traffic. 

Website and content audits help establish your baseline. Understand what’s working and what’s not. SEO and backlink audits show the size and health of your link profile. 

If you want to dominate the world of Digital marketing, you need to have a strong social presence. We can come up with a powerful approach that you can put in place to start growing your social media clout.

Put in place a solid content strategy. Plan the right content for your target audience. Make sure that you are publishing that content in the right place and at the right time.

Content Creation

Support your content strategy with engaging content. Craft content that informs, tells a story, engages and compels them to act.

Once you create content that is engaging, interesting and valuable, market it. You need to promote and make aware of your content. Generate traffic, leads and sales.

digital marketing solution for 10 acer

10 Acer

Content strategy and creation for product review site.

Rotary Logo Transparent -Web Design and SEO services


SEO and Social Media services for online retailer.

Digital Marketing Services provided for Stix and Straws

Stix & Straws

SEO and Local Business Marketing for restaurant.

Branding Pain Points


We need to increase our website traffic. Our business needs more leads and sales.


We need to coordinate our digital marketing activities. All our messages need to be in sync.


We do not have enough people to get things done. We need help managing successful digital marketing campaigns.

Team Acapex redesigned our website to be stylish and fast... Placed our site ahead of Grubub, Postmates and DoorDash on Google Local.
imran carim owner of stix and straws
Imran Carim
President, Stix & Straws