Need Unique Branding to Standout?

Branding is crucial for your business.
We will work with you to get your brand identity right.

Why Brand?

A brand is a perception. Its how people think, feel, experience and act when they engage with your business.

A clear and established brand projects expertise, authority, and trustworthiness. A brand is a promise and a guarantee of quality. It attempts to uphold certain core values people hold dear.

Trust and credibility make it easier to build confidence and lasting business relationships. This is key for your business to stands the test of time.

Business Branding Services
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Differentiate. Stand out.

Make your first impression memorable. Be noticeable from an ocean of look-alike, “me too” products in a saturated market.

A well-crafted brand strategy will give your brand a unique voice and tone. A one-of-a-kind personality. An exclusive signature.

Remember: Unbranded businesses will always lose potential customers to better managed brands.

Differentiate. Stand out.

Brands Stand the Test of Time

The world is in constant change, and we are living in a state of flux. The only way a business can survive is to build a strong brand.

Invest in proper branding, and you will find yourself in a favorable position. Regardless of the level of competition in your niche.

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Branding Creates Trust

At Acapex, we have a team of professionals who commit to your branding needs. Our priority is to ensure that your business shows up on the radar. And that your brand becomes synonymous with trust and dependability.

Branding Generates Revenue

At the end of the day, all that any business wants is to sell their products and services to their audience. Nothing else matters if you do not sell and make no profit. This is the main reason why it’s so important you build a strong brand for sustained growth.

Our Branding & Graphic Design Services

Your brand must have an identity. That’s how your potential and returning customers remember your business. Brand Identity is the process of discovering your values, choosing the right look, the best colors and optimal designs.

Some businesses rebrand due to mergers and acquisitions. Others re-brand due to changing markets. bad reputations, re-positioning or others want a fresh look.  We have vast experience rebranding businesses with outstanding results.

Your logo is the first thing that people remember when they see your brand. Create a visual impact that is memorable. Convey trust and project professionalism. Get an expert to create your logo.

Well-designed stationery gives your brand consistency. Your letterheads, business cards, labels, postcards, brochures and flyers are part of this.

Print your brand on a multitude of surfaces. These include printed advertisements, posters, presentation folders, sales collateral, media kits and apparel.

Coming up with unique and appealing packaging designs will help supercharge your brand. Make your product labels, pouches, bags and box designs stand out from the competition.

Todays entry doors logo

Today's Entry Doors

Branding, Web Design, Content and SEO for residential entry door company.

digital marketing solution for 10 acer

10 Acer

Brand Identity kit for product review site.

Rebranding Loyalbite Logo


Rebranding of Restaurant Order System Website.

Branding Pain Points


We need a strong brand identity with great customer recognition. We need a competitive advantage to stand out from the field.


Our brand looks old, tired and lame. It does not connect with the contemporary customer. We need to rebrand.


Our stationery and package design should have the same look and feel as our online identity. 

Team Acapex redesigned our website to be stylish and fast... Placed our site ahead of Grubub, Postmates and DoorDash on Google Local.
imran carim owner of stix and straws
Imran Carim
President, Stix & Straws