Envelope Design


  • 1 Concept
  • Mock-up Presentation
  • Print-Ready
  • Envelope
  • Delivery: Source File

How it Works

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Increase open rates with a branded Envelope Design. Add credibility by displaying the logo, business name, address and web address in your envelope. Your envelope is the only brand identity item potential customers see in their mailbox. Make it standout.

Envelope Design: Key Features

  • 1 Concept
  • Mock-up Presentation
  • Print-Ready
  • Source File
  • Envelope
  • Delivery: Source File, AI, JPG, PDF

Reduce Errors with Window Envelopes

Window envelopes allow the delivery name address and other relevant information in the letter to be seen through the envelope’s transparent ‘window’. This eliminates the problem of the wrong letter going into the wrong envelope. It also save your time and resources of printing the address twice.

Support You Brand Campaign

Envelopes are not simply message carriers. They are part of your brand kit. Create a branded campaign. Print your campaign ad copy and call to action on the envelope itself. Create curiosity for them to open the envelope. Then build up the desire and repeat the call to action with your letter.


Note: Does not include Logo. You may order our Logo Design Package if you do not have a logo in vector format or in high resolution file.


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